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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  October 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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tonight on cbs 2 news ten at ten --a corridor health center
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tonight on cbs news a corridor health center opens its doors again. how this local center can help you with more than just your health. plus the count down to election day. >> we must and will save america. >> we have got to keep our foot on the gas. submitting her ballot., the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minutes. this is cbs 2 news 10 at 10. a breezy but mild night tonight.i'm in the weather center now with brandon marshall.brandon, how is
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affording healthcare is hard for many families - especially for people living paycheck to paycheck.but as cbs 2 news reporter connor morgan explains - hard for many families but as cbs 2 reporter explains one local health center is opening its doors to all. >> with halloween just around
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treating and inside these doors there's more treating than ever before. face painting, balloon art making and a brand new building sort of. eastern iowa health center's 3rd avenue location is back to operating a lot like a doctor's office - but as the center's president joe lock explains - with a major twist. "when you need to go to the doctor, we will treat you regardless of your ability to pay. while we take commercial other doctor's office, if you can't pay, we will treat you anyway."the renovation we take commercial insurance but if you can't pay we will treat you anyway. >> converted office space to 7 more exam rooms. said the expansion coincides with the increase in number of
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in this last calender year, for 2015, we have 40,000 visits. >> those numbers are expected to continue rising and lock says the center will continue treating eastern eye iowa. >> representatives said they are excited to remain in this neighborhood and they are so invested in this community they are actually center in early 2017, covering the corridor in cedar rapids. the 3rd avenue location is one of -- all with the same policy of helping patients regardless of payments. a des moines woman is facing an election misconduct charge after she tried voting twice. authorities were notified when
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ballots. she was released from jail after posting bond. authorities say it was her signature at the bottom of the ballots both that tipped them off. her first vote will actually count. she has a preliminary hearing set for november 7th. with only 10 days before he election day, hillary clinton campaigned in florida today. she attended a canvas kick off this afternoon. also on the campaign trail, her husband former president bill clinton. he attended an early vote rally. hillary clinton is calling for transparency after the fbi said the facts. "voters deserve to get full and complete facts. so we
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explain everything right away. put it all out on the table." on that note - our question of the you think the email scandal will affect the outcome of the presidential election?to answer- go to cbs 2 iowa dot com- click on the question of the day link and cast your vote. republican presidential candidate donald trump spoke to a group of supporters in colorado.during his appearence he spoke about voter fraud and said he would quote "end supporters in colorado. he spoke about voter fraud and said he end government corruption. he also claims that the recent developments related to clinton is the biggest political scandal since water gate. >> and it's everybody's deepest hope that justice at last can be properly delivered. hillary is nobody to blame but
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troubles. >> our mission at cbs news is to connect the presidential canned daylights to -- candidates to our viewers to better inform you. we have reached out to the candidates for extensive interviews but we want to hear from you. you can share your thoughts with us by he mail or facebook. millions of americans may suffer sticker shock as they premiums could go up as high as 25% next year. the bump in price is frustrating for those that expected the affordable care act to live up to its name. >> these days kathleen dixon son is putting her heart into her store and turning her receive her new health insurance premium.she's been enrolled in the affordable care act for the past three years....and she's rattled by the news of the soaring price
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(dickinson) "i am not an unhealthy person. i don't have a catastrophic illness. my premium should be based on my personal health and my personal health is excellent. and to see this go up year after year and have to choose less desirable coverage everytime then it doesn't make sense."(abell) "depending on where you live...the average price of premiums is set to insurance carriers blame skyrocketing expenses from a population that was far more sick last year than expected." some experts predict continued increases will have a long term impact.(9:55:00) (sciabarra) "raising rates even further is going to continue to push out the young and the healthy cause they'll choose to pay the penalty instead of actually having the coverage so i think we'll wind up with an even older and
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kathleen dickinson she;s already budgeting for her new price of health care. (2:-09:22) "maybe that thermostat gets turned down two degrees, maybe you don't buy that book., maybe you don't go to the movies or go out to dinner and you find ways to cut money as far as groceries or other necessities because health care is a necessity.i'm jeff abell reporting. in the state of iowa alone - more than four ?tons of unused - medications-have been was all part of the national prescription drug take back day last week. week. office of drug control policy says medications were collected at more than 100- sites across iowa.over the last 12-years - nearly 39-tons of unused prescription drugs have been collected. a coralville man- man-is now pleading guilty to lesser counts after he was accused of knowingly spreading h-i-v.the iowa city press citizen reports that prosecutors are now recommending a one year jail sentence with credit for time
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musser.musser admitted to two counts of reckless exposure of a contagious disease not resulting in infection.the one year jail sentence is in exchange for that plea. authorities say musser told two women he was disease-free when he had unprotected sex with both of them last year. to stay on top of breaking news download the cbs 2 news's free for android and apple devices.just search kgan cbs 2 in your favorite app store. -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minut. minutes.still to come, come,iowa state takes on kansas state at home and walks away with a homecoming loss. highlights and reaction - later in sports.
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?teal colored pumpking are popping up again this year to raise awareness for food allergies.find out what those cooler s mean back in the weather center now. if you have been outside you know some cooler weather is making its way into the corridor. >> temperatures tomorrow are going to be 10 to 15 cooler than today, but by halloween we are back into the 60s and 70s, so these temperature swings will continue as we look at temperatures across the state. areas north of the front were
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the front temperatures were in the 70s and 80s today and we had a high temperature of 75 here. halloween by the numbers. our average high on halloween, 55 degrees. the record high was 83. the might minimum record, 34. we've had 5 above 70 degrees, only 5. that goes back to 1953. going to be close to that 70- degree mark on monday. satellite and radar showing mostly cloudy skies. most of the rain is not tort but we will see -- to the north but we have scattered showers in the forecast. we are back to the 50s and 60s and then a halloween warm up as the temperature swing does continue over the next couple
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that's going to be the focus. for some scattered showers. by 10:00 tomorrow morning much cooler air will settle in and we're watching this low front that will move northeast over iowa. by monday afternoon winds will turn southerly and temperatures mild into the 60s and low 70s, so as we go through the 1:00 a.m., some showers mainly north of i-80. they quickly move to the southwest. mostly cloudy but by around 4:00 we are starting to see a little sunshine. then on monday the clouds do return but we will have southerly winds and that will help get the temperatures back into the 60s and 70s. our model has not much of any,
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so the showers of going to be pretty light later tonight. it will be cooler than the last couple of nights. we're looking at low to mid- 40s. upper 40s to mid-50s around iowa city and washington and your forecast tomorrow, clouds in the morning. becoming sunny by afternoon. it will be cooler with a breeze. upper 50s from cedar rapids to iowa city. washington can even 61. back up to 70 on halloween which could be the warmest halloween in 8 years. then a front does come through tuesday night. that will bring the next chance of showers, maybe even a couple of thunderstorms on wednesday as temperatures still will be above average anthen they will slightly cool thursday, friday, into next weekend but you can see our average high is 56 and
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degrees above that. >> we are seeing some great weather. >> absolutely. and then it's november. so we're going to be pretty mild. >> you would never know it. >> and it's been great for cross country. >> that is for sure. especially today. still to come, we are off and running in fort dodge. sights and sounds from the state cross country meet next
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about the only thing that's been a now cbs 2 sports with maya o'brian. about the only thing that's
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campbell era is that he will be sporting khaki pants on the side lines. what would it be today? rain on their homecoming parade, perhaps? well, not literally but first quarter tied at 3. score 10-3k state. 17-3 at the break. it is the weekend of trick trite, right? the on side kick certainly does the trick to give them the ball back and set up this kick. psych loins down -- cyclones down. kansas state 4 on -- would score on its next 2 drives. the good news the clones came to play in the 4th quarter. hits jones for another but that
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are plagued once again by plays left on the field. >> it was homecoming today and more than 50,000 fans packed the jack hoping to see campbell get his first win. the stadium is empty now but so, too is the cyclones big win column. >> there are some things that happened in the football game that we just can't allow >> things like coming out of the gates flat. barely showed up in the first act. >> they have always thrived in terms of playing their style of football. >> chris francis on side kick sparked an iowa state touchdown but the offense sputtered when it mattered the most. failing to score from the one. >> about as frustrating as you would think it would be.
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things. >> frustrating? >> yeah definitely. >> the clones responded to adversity, getting a safety after leaving the ball on the one and scoring again to give themselves a chance in this one, but it was too little too late. >> whoever capitalizes on the other's mistakes is going to win the game. >> all stressed even in a football game with so many big plays the final score can still things. looking to wrap up the title today. jared hodge goes up and gets it. the pick puts the cohawks deep in vb territory where they capitalize. hits barry rose berry's number. 20-0 in the first quarter. jump to the 2nd quarter. this time it's rose berry
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they win 48-7. elsewhere around d3 the knights slave the spartans in dubuque and lore is won its first game of 2016. trick or treaters not the only ones reveling today. could you ask for a better day for state the iowa city junior kicked off today with a 4a individual title. johnston took the team crown. on the boy's side prairie took third. on the girls' race i think the best is still to come. your individual champ, she is only a freshman. on the boy's side marian held tough and together go one, two.
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time defending champs, mount vernon. >> i knew she was right there and i was like, i've just got to give everything no matter if my body is completely dead. >> i started to die in the middle but towards the final stretch i was the only one there there. >> we weren't really pushing that hard so that was going to try to get some distance on him and we got the win. around for the golden hawks-- mid prairie's boys team won its first title in school history...and in the 1a girls race - elkader central clinched the team title -- back to back titles for the warriors -- meanwhile for those monticello panthers its their second title in three
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"we know there are a lot of real fast runners but we know it's also know this sport is about being a part of a team. and you're only, we've always said you're only as fast and good as your fourth and fifth runners so when we focus on training we really focus on training everybody because we know it takes a full team effort." as previously mentioned -- a warm day out there -- so let's hit the pool ....a close one in the 200 medley relay -- but those bettendorf bulldogs -- they ain't no puppies -- they win it -- kennedy takes the the 200 came close to dubuque senior's anna pfeiffer -- winner by a solid two seconds...and in terms of celebration -- nothing came close to this -- decorah, wash, kennedy neck in neck -- but wait! bottom of your screen -- senior's emma sass in lane seven benefits from a tremendous start -- to win the 50 free -- she can't believe it either -- she's going to state -- plenty of bulldogs are too -- as they took the team title... thats a check of sports --
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today as 75, tomorrow may be about 17 degrees cooler. you might need a light jacket. mostly cloudy start tomorrow. temperatures will only make it into the upper 50s and then your halloween forecast, a few clouds but it will be mild. in the mid-60s, i remember trick or treating as a kid. chilly 30s sometimes so this is certainly a treat.
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house majority pac is responsible for the content of this message. ring of honor is brought to you by: >> he's got it! he's out, just like that! look, he went shoulder first into the bear cage. >> he had a mission. putting kyle riley out of the world championship. look out from behind! >> wait a minute!


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